CB Exchange Server Sync for Gmail and Google Workspace

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CB Exchange Server Sync for Gmail and Google Workspace

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Google Workspace sync for Microsoft Outlook

Are you trying to sync or migrate between Exchange, Outlook, Gmail, or Google Workspace?

CB Exchange Server Sync for Gmail and Google Workspace is the solution for secure synchronization and migration of calendars, contacts, emails, and tasks between Outlook and Gmail or Google Workspace (G Suite).
It enables the synchronization between multiple Outlook accounts hosted in Exchange Server or Office 365 with Gmail or Google Workspace (G Suite) accounts.

Here are a couple of challenges CB Exchange Server Sync for Gmail and Google Workspace can help you with:
▪️ Migrate all Exchange calendars, emails and tasks into Google Workspace (G Suite) or vice versa
▪️ Coexistence of Exchange and Google servers during Mergers and Acquisitions
▪️ Sync calendars, emails and tasks of personal and professional accounts
▪️ Instead of only showing calendars side by side, you get ONE merged calendar
▪️ Sync calendar availability with company internal Exchange server
▪️ Enable external parties (ex: partners) to sync & write data to internal calendar

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Wondering why you should choose CB Exchange Server Sync for Gmail and Google Workspace? Here is why:
▪️ 24/7 Real-time Synchronization (service runs in background and is fully automated)
▪️ Server-side Synchronization and Migration (every synced item is automatically seen in any device)
▪️ Easy to Setup & Works for all your Accounts (visualize multiple accounts – Gmail, Outlook for mobile, OWA, Mail OS X, etc. – in one place)
▪️ Covers all your sync needs (sync any calendar information you want)
▪️ Flexible and Powerful Customization (ability to configure sync period, items to sync, etc.)
▪️ Performance (no impact on Exchange Server performance)

Deployment options: SaaS (deployed to either USA or EU) or Self-Hosted (Cloud or On-Premises)

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Supported Versions:
▪️ Gmail, Google Workspace (G-Suite)
▪️ Exchange 2013, Exchange 2016, Exchange 2019
▪️ Exchange Online
▪️ Office 365

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