Imply Enterprise for modern analytics applications

Imply Data Inc.

Imply Enterprise for modern analytics applications

Imply Data Inc.

A high-performance, real-time database built from Apache Druid.

Are you looking for a better way to build analytics applications for a more interactive experience?

Imply Enterprise is the only complete real-time database for modern analytics applications. It brings together the speed and efficiency of Apache Druid along with a simple developer experience to meet developers’ performance and concurrency requirements with ease.

With Imply, developers can build without constraints as our database lets them create interactive data experiences on streaming and batch data with literally limitless scale and at the best economics.

Trusted by developers at Cisco, Twitter, Citrix, Salesforce and Atlassian, Imply puts the power of analytics in every developer's hands so they can build the best modern analytics applications.


Interactive analytics at any scale Create a dynamic experience for your end users to rapidly visualize and explore data with sub-second query response times.

High concurrency at the best value Power applications for any number of users with a highly efficient architecture that supports 100s to 100K+ queries per second.

Insights on streaming and batch data Power applications that deliver continuous intelligence with native Kafka and AWS Kinesis integrations built for scale, low latency, and data quality.


  • Cluster management including rolling updates, backup and disaster recovery, and customizable alerts
  • Performance monitoring to troubleshoot and optimize resource utilization
  • Powerful UI and visualization engine to accelerate the development of modern analytics applications
  • Support, professional services, and education from the original creators of Apache Druid

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