Data Science Virtual Machine - Windows 2019

Development and modeling tools for AI, data science and analytics

Data Science Virtual Machine - Windows 2019


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Data Science Virtual Machine - Windows Server 2019

The 'Data Science Virtual Machine (DSVM)' is a 'Windows Server 2019 with Containers' VM & includes popular tools for data exploration, analysis, modeling & development.


  • Anaconda Python
  • SQL Server 2019 Dev. Edition - With In-Database R and Python analytics
  • Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus BYOL - Shared Computer Activation
  • Julia
  • Jupyter notebooks
  • Visual Studio Community Ed. + Python, R & node.js tools
  • Power BI Desktop
  • Deep learning tools e.g. TensorFlow, Chainer
  • ML algorithm libraries e.g. xgboost, Vowpal Wabbit
  • Azure SDKs + libraries for various Azure Cloud offerings. Integration tools are included for: 
    1. Azure Machine Learning
    2. Azure Data Factory
    3. Stream Analytics
    4. SQL Data Warehouse
    5. Hadoop + Apache Spark (HDICluster)
    6. Data Lake
    7. Blob storage
    8. ML & Data Science tutorials as Jupyter notebooks
  • This image is pre-configured with Nvidia drivers, CUDA Toolkit, & cuDNN library for GPU workloads available if using NC class VM SKUs.

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