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Twilio SendGrid


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Reliable email delivery, at scale.

Twilio SendGrid for Azure provides reliable email delivery, at scale. 

Need to send email communications with your Azure solution? 

Azure customers can use Twilio SendGrid’s Email API to build transactional email communications or trigger marketing messages. Our flexible RESTful APIs integrate with Microsoft solutions to enable businesses to build engaging customer communications.

Email API Use Cases

  • Send out timely alerts and notifications - from password resets to purchase confirmations.

  • Create targeted promotions based on triggers and segmentation.

  • Optimize email marketing campaigns with automation and intelligence.

  • Connect with consumers at the perfect time to influence a purchase, improving customer loyalty and lead conversions.

Features of Twilio SendGrid Email API:

  • Distributed and reliable architecture, reliably sending over 100B emails per month at 1.9 median sendtime

  • Flexible RESTful APIs and libraries to support in C#, Node.js, Ruby, Python, and Java.

  • Manage and edit email templates in the UI and automatically display the latest content in your email with a simple API call. 

  • Troubleshoot easily with powerful developer tools 

  • Securely share critical data across teams

  • Opportunistic TLS 1.2, Enforced TLS available

  • SSL/HTTPS click tracking with microsecond redirects

  • Two-Factor Authentication

  • AI-powered phisherman + dedicated compliance team 24x7x365

  • SOC II Type 2, GDPR, and CSA compliance

Do you have a need for more than our highest available plan (2.5 million email per month)?  Please create a Twilio SendGrid account and open a support request with the Twilio SendGrid support team to inquire further about a higher volume plan.