ChainSys No-Code Mobile Application Builder


ChainSys No-Code Mobile Application Builder


No-Code platform to design your mobile application

ChainSys No-Code Mobile Application Builder helps to create complex native mobile applications that work for IOS and Android. Our No-Code Mobile Application Builder can function as a standalone application, or bolt-on application to an enterprise application such as Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle etc.,

Key Features and Highlights

  • Create powerful applications in less time and effort

  • Can work for both online and offline mode; Zero data loss

  • Built-in layouts for your screen design; Custom layouts can also be created to suit your needs

  • Cost effective solution for all your application needs

  • TCO is greatly affordable

  • Battle tested application used by many Fortune 1000 companies

  • No programming skills required

  • High focus on Customer Experience

Why use ChainSys for No-Code development?

The Chainsys Smart App Builder allows business users to create their own apps without having to rely on IT or consultants- making it easier to build software solutions

Included with a visual editor to build screens and navigation, and data integration adaptors for all your existing third-party tools, and comprehensive training resources to get you started readily.

ChainSys Smart App Builder also supports single sign on, so your business users can quickly adopt this application to improve the process.