Denodo Platform 8.0 (BYOL)


Denodo Platform 8.0 (BYOL)


Denodo allows you to integrate data from any location and deliver it to any consumer in real time.

Denodo Platform for Azure 8.0 accelerates your time-to-insight and data services, leveraging over 150 cloud and on-premises data sources without having to copy data or run extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes. Denodo for Azure 8.0 unleashes the power of modern data virtualization to accelerate your analytics and data services and make them more accessible than ever before.

Integrate and deliver your data move quickly and efficiently with Denodo’s modern data virtualization. Denodo 8.0 provides real-time integrated views that can combine all of your Microsoft Azure data sources, SaaS (software-as-a-service) data with data from on-premises databases and applications. Denodo delivers the combined data to your analytics tools of choice or as data APIs.

With Denodo’s no-code/low-code modern data virtualization, you can quickly create a logical data warehouse that combines cloud and on-premises databases, data lakes, and applications using a web UI. Denodo 8.0 leverages metadata integrates with SSO to make sure your data is governed and secure. Global Fortune 500 technology, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, insurance companies, financial institutions, and public organizations rely on Denodo for data agility.


  • Connect, combine and consume unlimited data sources.
  • ML-powered Smart Query Optimization to enhance performance and reduce egress charges.
  • An intelligent, multi-mode cache that minimizes data movement.
  • MPP processing with Spark, Impala, and Presto, in big data scenarios.
  • Role-based security, Data Masking, SSO with Kerberos, SSL, encryption, and pass-through support.
  • Data API web services (SOAP, REST, OData, GraphQL).
  • Data Catalog to query, search and browse your connected data.
  • Apache-Zeppelin-based notebook for data scientists to explore data.

Top Benefits of the Denodo for Azure:

  • High performance data integration and delivery without copying data.
  • On-premises, cloud, and multi-cloud inter-operability.
  • Fast and intelligent execution of complex data queries.
  • Easy-to-use no-code/low-code web user interface.
  • Faster and lower TCO than other data integration approaches.

Top use cases for Denodo for Azure:

  • Advanced BI/analytics and the acceleration of data science in the cloud with a full-featured data catalog.
  • Cloud and data warehouse modernization support for easy and cost-effective cloud migration.
  • Hybrid data fabric for real-time cloud integration.
  • Data Services.