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Brillio - FinOps (Cloud Analytics)


Multi cloud platform with cost visibility, transparency and optimization of cloud spend FinOps module, powered by Centilytics, is a multi-cloud platform that offers all types of cost visibility, inventory visibility, cost optimization, and tagging, and provides reporting related to security and budgets. It has security options as well, which depict how a particular account is compliant with different rules. The platform is highly matured for all the major CSPs.

Customers can save up to 75% on their cloud bill by identifying cost leaks in their infrastructure. In addition, the platform has also achieved 1200+ health checks, 100% cost allocation, 500+ tag-based reports, and over $800K savings.

Major features

  • Cloud visibility: This feature gives an overview of your cloud spend and infrastructure spend for any day, month, or quarter. It also generates a report that can be downloaded and analyzed. Cost breakdown by service helps to deep-dive and understand how much a particular resource costs. It also has cost monitoring solution which focusses on every dollar spent on cloud and highlights hidden costs related to various cloud services.
  • Cost optimization: After gaining insights on cloud spending, the next big step for any team is work toward cloud optimization, which means making sure that all the resources are being utilized to the best of their capacity. Cost optimization has four areas that help customers save.
  1. Rightsizing: Mapping between actual utilization and actual cost incurred
  2. Long-term savings: Using agreements like RI for long-term savings
  3. Scheduling recommendations: Advisory to control cost management better
  4. Wastage tracker: An overview on how underutilized resources can be tracked
  • Tag management: Dissected into three parts, this feature shows an overview, resource allocation, and auto tagging. Resource allocation shows if a particular resource is tagged or not and whether proper naming convention is followed. Alerting can be set up if the same is not adhered to. Auto tagging consists of setting up automation rules to replicate tagging from primary to secondary resources.
  • Security and health: Determine whether environments are compliant with certifications and regulations like CISSP, GDPR, ISO 27001, and CSA. Resource level check is also available, which showcases recommendations to achieve better security.
  • Automation: Automate mundane tasks to drive efficiency and focus on asset creation.

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