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Life365 Demo Kits

Life365, Inc.

Life365 Demo Kits (BYOD and Turnkey)

Remote Care Simplified. Expand virtual care services to your population – easily and quickly.

Life365 makes it easy for healthcare providers to connect with patients to mange their care remotely. Care providers leverage our platform to provide virtual visits, capture biometric measurements, symptom data through health surveys, provide medication and appointment reminders, patient education, and more to achieve their goals.

Life365, along with Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare remove “Friction Points” (Connectivity, Distribution, Integration, Engagement, etc), allowing healthcare enterprises to scale to larger populations seamless and cost-effectively in a more pro-active manner, heading off high utilization of healthcare resources and their associated costs.

Life365’s Virtual Care Platform integrates to over 400+ OEM medical devices, in a variety of ways (apps, cellular embedded, IoMT hubs, smart devices, smart TVs, voice assist, wearables and more) intended for home, plus a variety of disparate professional services and solutions, including kitting and distribution, that can be bundled together to provide personalized solutions to maximize engagement, adherence and ROI.

Life365 HealthApp- Makes tracking and reaching health goals easier.

Whether starting a weight loss program, tracking blood pressure, glucose, body temperature, or blood oxygen levels – our app is a perfect tool to record progress and better understand health status. Patients can connect health devices to their smartphone or tablet to automatically capture and record vital signs – with options to share data with family, friends, and healthcare professionals of their choosing.

Turnkey Solutions - A smart device environment designed and dedicated for remote care.

Pre-configured smart devices with cellular connectivity are ready to go for remote care management. Simple to navigate, patients only have access to applications pertinent to their care program. Our locked-down firmware ensures ease of use, strong security, and remote technical support capabilities.

Remote Care Bundled Solutions - Connect quickly and easily

Life365 Kits give patients the tools they need to get connected quickly and easily for remote care. Each kit contains Bluetooth medical devices, with optional smart devices and cellular connectivity, to address specific chronic conditions – with kits for diabetes, cardiac care, respiratory issues, kidney care and Covid-19 solutions for assessment, preventative detection, and ongoing monitoring for recovery at home.

Remote Monitoring Support

If you need to augment your staff, Life365 offers clinical monitoring services and call center support through our partnerships with leading remote care service providers.

Distribution & Delivery

Life365 offers an optional inventory management and shipping service for customers who do not want to store RPM equipment on site or manage deployment and retrieval of equipment.

Additional Services:

(1) Life365 Support (Microsoft Marketplace) - Provide Tier-2 Customer Care and support of Clients RPM program and Patient connected solutions
(2) Life365 API Connect Data (Microsoft Marketplace) - Provide API integration into the Clients clinical backend
(3) Life365 Annual Platform Fee (Microsoft Marketplace) - Annual Fee associated with Clients data being stored in the HIPAA compliant cloud repository
(4) Life365 Integration Services (Microsoft Marketplace) - Integration work that is required to connect the Life365 and Microsoft platform into the Clients clinical backend
(5) Life365 RPM Consulting Services (Microsoft Marketplace) - Consulting services provided by Life365 to Clients to help in the establishment of their RPM program
(6) Life365 RPM Kits - These are the production Life365 RPM Kits