NetApp Astra Control Service - PAYGO


NetApp Astra Control Service - PAYGO


ACS offers stateful Kubernetes workloads a rich set of application-aware data protection services.

Astra Control Service offers stateful Kubernetes workloads a rich set of application-aware data protection services powered by NetApp’s trusted technology.

Application-aware data protection and mobility built for Kubernetes

Astra Control Service is an application-aware data protection and mobility solution that manages, protects and moves data-rich Kubernetes workloads in public clouds. As a fully managed service it enables data protection, disaster recovery, and mobility for your Kubernetes workloads leveraging NetApp’s industry-leading technology for snapshots, backups, replication, and cloning.

Key use cases

  • Application Protection: Application-aware snapshots and backups of Kubernetes workloads
  • Application Disaster recovery: Restore backups to the same or different region after a disaster.
  • Application Rollback: Rollback an application to the point in time a backup was created.
  • Application Cloning: Quickly clone active applications within or between Kubernetes clusters
  • Application Migration: Move an entire application along with its persistent data to a different cluster no matter where it is located

Key benefits

Fully managed service:

  • Nothing to install, update, patch and maintain

Ease of use:

  • Automatically configure and provision persistent storage
  • Automatically discovers your applications
  • Simple data protection management with set and forget data protection schedules
  • Simple cloning and restore workflows
  • Clear visualization of data protection status and activity logs

Integration with Azure cloud services:

  • Manage workloads on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • Use Azure NetApp Files (ANF) and Azure Disk for persistent storage
  • Backup applications to Azure Blob storage
  • Programmatic administration: All features are available via fully documented APIs
  • Fully supported: Full support is included with all paid subscriptions