OpsCompass Cloud Security and Cloud Management

OpsCompass, LLC

5.0 (1)

OpsCompass Cloud Security and Cloud Management

OpsCompass, LLC

5.0 (1)

Activate the cloud management, compliance, and security capabilities that accelerate cloud adoption.

Security and visibility are critical to your cloud operations and even more challenging with staff working remotely. Empower your team to see all inventory in real-time, gain control over configurations, compliance and ensure a that your infrastructure is hardened, and remains in a healthy state.



•       Real-time visibility into inventory infrastructure and cloud activity

•       Azure, AWS and Google cloud all visible on a single pane of glass

•       Identify unauthorized changes and deployments

•       Identity and access control monitoring and reporting

•       Alerting of configuration Drift and immediate notification of critical issues

•       Significantly increase team productivity



•       Real-time surveillance over cloud access and usage

•       Understand configuration settings across thousands of resources

•       Report against benchmark and policy compliance

•       Faster time to respond and fix with remediation guidance

•       Proactively defend and maintain a stable posture



•       Full attribution and auditability into cloud activity

•       Control over resource cost increases

•       Diagnose, recognize & avoid outages

•       Manage and prevent configuration drift

•       Enforce industry configuration benchmarks and policies such as CIS and others

•       Enable DevOps teams to do more with limited resources