Wipro Smart Asset Twin

Wipro Ltd

Wipro Smart Asset Twin

Wipro Ltd

Virtual representation of physical assets

Wipro’s Smart Asset Twin provides a virtual representation of assets using IoT, Cloud, physics based simulations and advanced analytics. Solution leverages Anomaly detection & Statistical models to generate predictive alerts, provide insights about Remaining Useful Life and provides KPI’s and charts to provide Insights into the performance aspects of key assets. Automatically creates incidents upon detecting anomalies  in the assets being monitored.

Solution Benefits:

Improve Efficiency and Productivity

The solution monitors daily operations and streamline manufacturing, reduces unnecessary wear and tear on machinery and alerts business owners to potential money-saving changes.

Monitor Assets in Real-Time

Smart Asset Twin provides real-time visibility to the product/production line, improving utilization and productivity.

Root Cause Identification

Using data from multiple sources, the solution provides a holistic view of the current working condition of the asset and help in root-cause analysis of any disruptions.

Baselining and Drift Analysis

Asset twins can eliminate the need for physical experimentation of assets while optimizing performance under different conditions.

Detect problems in advance and resolve them faster

Combined with predictive maintenance capability, Smart Asset Twin can identify abnormal asset behavior, allowing human operators to react promptly and reduce downtime.