Azure Blockchain Workbench: 8-Week Implementation


Azure Blockchain Workbench provides the infrastructure scaffolding for building end-to-end Blockchain applications on top of the Microsoft Azure platform.

Azure Blockchain Workbench provides an infrastructure to implement and host your custom blockchain applications. You can use the Blockchain Workbench REST APIs and message-based APIs to integrate blockchain workflows with existing systems and applications. The APIs provide an interface to allow for replacing or using multiple distributed ledger technologies, storage and database offerings.

Key benefits

  1. Automates the necessary deployment of distributed ledgers and network construction
  2. Securely stores secrets and keys with Azure Key Vault
  3. Provides integration between the blockchain and Azure services
  4. Synchronize on-chain data with off-chain storage and databases to more easily generate business insights from ledger data
  5. Provides REST APIs interface to allow for replacing or using multiple distributed ledger technologies, storage, and database offerings


Initial meeting with client to review their requirements Propose a client-server blockchain app development plan, i.e. blockchain application behavior. Plan may include specific scope that will need to be agreed upon with client to proceed further Setup and configure Azure Blockchain Workbench on Azure platform for API integration Client and server applications development Testing and hand-off Documentation development


  • Client-server blockchain applications integrated with Azure Blockchain Workbench platform
  • Applications deployment packages, scripts and source codes
  • Documentation for configuration and management of developed apps and platform


  • Client (frontend) application could be developed using modern web frameworks such as Angular or React JS.
  • Server (backend) application could be developed using C# .Net, NodeJS or Java.
  • Includes 4 weeks of both client and server applications development
  • Client will provide access to Azure subscription
  • Post-implementation support options are available