Migrate Your Websites: 5-Wk Implementation


Akvelon’s Migration Services will migrate and deploy your web applications to the Azure Cloud Service, allowing you to take advantage of the hosting services and scalability of the Azure Cloud Service

Migrating your websites to Azure IaaS platform is a big step for your business. The benefits of switching are high, but the transition process can be very difficult and timely, with great room for error. With Akvelon’s Migration Services, we’ll make sure that your transition to Azure Cloud is as smooth, safe, and as fast as possible.


  1. Initial meeting with client to review current architecture, infrastructure, performance, security, compliance, privacy, availability, backup and recovery, migration strategy requirements
  2. Propose migration plan and deployment solution based on client’s requirements. Plan will include specific scope that will need to be agreed with client to proceed further
  3. Setup staging and production environments for client’s application
  4. Setup custom domain and SSL certificate for your application
  5. Setup automated backups
  6. Setup auto-scaling of client’s production website
  7. Verify migration success
  8. Develop and provide documentation for new Azure solution


  • New architecture of your infrastructure based on best practices of Azure Cloud Service and tailored to your business needs
  • Successfully migrated infrastructure on Azure
  • Scripts, credentials, etc., necessary for deployment and maintenance
  • Documentation for maintenance of your new Azure solution


  • Price provided for ASP.NET MVC web application migration with daily 3000 users with 20 requests per second
  • Azure subscription, SSL certificate and domain will be provided by client
  • Post-migration support options are available
  • Additional services may include platform, design and UI, structural and content changes
  • Estimate does not include changing website source code, functionality or content