API Management Foundation, 4 Weeks, Implementation


Building on Servian's established suite of accelerator solutions, our Foundation offers a proven fast-track for businesses to standardise and centralise the management and delivery of their APIs.

The solution harnesses the Azure API Management service, effectively allowing you to realise true returns on investment through enabling multi-channel user experiences, providing access to legacy assets from new cloud services and empowering business entities to exchange processes and data.

Azure API Management integrates with many complementary Azure services and affords your developers and partners the time to focus on product development rather than reinventing security, caching and rate-limiting features within their APIs.
The solution provides a single entrypoint for all API access, simplifying the management & security of all API endpoints through policy, Infrastructure as Code and leveraging Azure Active Directory for developer authentication and request authorization. In addition, it allows for centralised observability allowing for easy integration to existing monitoring solutions like an SIEM and can incorporate both Azure Monitor and Application Insights for logging of API requests, events and live metrics.
Additionally, with Azure Key Vault picking up the safekeeping and management of client certificates/secrets and the Azure API Management Developer Portal providing a central point for documentation/onboarding, you can be confident that your customers can consume your services with minimal risk, cost or delays.

We have used our collective experience and knowledge to impart an opinionated approach and provide an Azure API Management platform where you can safely and securely deploy API’s while also allowing for customisation to fit your unique business requirements.

With an approximate engagement timeline of 4 weeks, the program includes the following components together with training and mentoring to guarantee a successful adoption of the solution, within a known time and cost scope:

  • Discovery - (1 week) Workshop high-level approach and requirements
  • Configure - (1 week) Detailed Design and CI/CD configuration
  • Deploy - (1 week) Setup deployment pipelines
    Includes deploying and showcasing an existing API use case
  • Acceptance and handover - (1 week) documentation handover, knowledge transfer & system walkthrough

    You will receive an extensible Azure API Management solution which leverages Azure cloud native technologies, and integrates an existing use case to demonstrate the usage and capability of the platform.
    Learn more about this solution, including a detailed list of components by enquiring with us today. Find out how we can help you by fast-tracking your journey to the cloud.

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