Servian Cloud Foundation (4 Weeks) Implementation


The Servian Cloud Foundation solution provides a fast-track for businesses to operate in the public cloud; getting you to production quickly, and with confidence.

Our opinionated solution provides a proven best practice cloud platform configuration and automation.

This allows businesses to quickly establish a cloud presence, and deliver robust and secure solutions using Azure cloud services, while avoiding common pitfalls.

The following components, which are required for a successful journey to the cloud, are delivered as pre-built, extensible Infrastructure-as-Code modules to ensure a flexible and robust environment to set you up for success quickly and safely:

  • Subscription Structure - Environment separation through subscription structure strategy including shared services and workload (dev/test/prod) subscriptions
  • Security - Apply best practice security and compliance - including IAM, central monitoring and logging, and notifications.
  • Networking - Foundational network solution, including vNet and subnet design, site-to-site connectivity via VPN, bastion hosts and DNS setup
  • Automation - Automation through software defined infrastructure, continuous integration and deployment pipelines
  • Operations - Fully auditable environments through centralised logging, compliance environment, and integration with Azure Monitor Diagnostics
When the Cloud Foundation has been delivered, you will be ready to start deploying workloads, pending any customisation required to satisfy security and operational concerns.
Our engagement approach ensures that you and your team are fully engaged in the process, with knowledge transfer occurring from Day 1. We will provide you with extensive documentation as well as Bootcamp training for your cloud team, getting them up to speed with the solution that we have implemented.

Enquire with us today to find out more about this solution, including a list of detailed components, and how we can help you by fast-tracking your journey to the cloud.