Azure Data Foundation, 4-6 Weeks - Implementation


You will receive an extensible unified data platform consisting of Azure native Services that together provide a capability for a Data Lake, Data Pipelines, Data Warehouse and more.

Servian Azure Data Foundation is a modular & configurable Infrastructure-as-Code solution that instantiates all the Azure services for an enterprise data platform.

This tried & tested solution accelerates an organisation’s data journey in Azure safely & securely.

It’s an opinionated approach to providing everything required in a foundational data platform, designed to allow for customisation to fit your unique business requirements. We have used our collective experience and knowledge to build a codebase that enables us to fast track your time to value through data.

The core network, security, & operational capabilities required for data journey success are delivered as pre-built & extensible IaC modules, ensuring a flexible and robust environment. Following the foundation phase you will be ready to start deploying workloads, pending any additional customisation requirements.

Our solution comes with a number of data acquisition & ingestion patterns to help get you started. We can quickly demonstrate how data flows through the data platform from source, through transformations, to visualisation.

With an approximate engagement timeline of 4 - 6 weeks, the program includes:
  • Cloud Compass – (1 week) Workshop high-level approach
  • Azure Data Foundations – (3-5 weeks) Configure & Deploy ADF
  • Knowledge transfer & training (1 week) documentation handover, knowledge transfer & system walkthrough, Azure Data Foundations Bootcamp

    You will receive an extensible unified data platform consisting of Azure native Services Data Lake, Data Pipelines, Data Warehouse, Semantic Data Model, Data Visualisation, Metadata & Audit frameworks.

    All delivered via a deployable Infrastructure-as-Code using Terraform.
    Enquire with us today to find out more about this solution, including a list of detailed components, and how we can help you by fast-tracking your journey to the cloud.