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IBM DataStage - best in breed parallel engine to run data integration tasks.

IBM DataStage on IBM Cloud Pak for Data is a modernized data integration solution to collect and deliver trusted data anywhere, at any scale and complexity, on and across multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments. Save on data movement costs by bringing a best-in-breed parallel engine to where your data is. Increase the productivity of your business and IT users through automated job design and out-of-the-box, native integration with cloud data lakes, real-time data sources, relational databases, big data, and NoSQL data stores.

IBM DataStage is the data integration tool of choice for customers across industries.

  • Design once, run anywhere paradigm allows you to bring data integration to where your data resides.
  • A best-in-breed parallel engine processes substantial data volumes, and built-in workload balancing supports multi-cloud scalability and elasticity.
  • The DataStage service uses Cloud Pak for Data platform connections and integration points, with services like Data Virtualization, to simplify the process of connecting to and accessing your data.

With a fully cloud-native architecture, DataStage can dynamically scale workloads and optimize for large data sets. With a few steps, you can deploy IBM DataStage on Cloud Pak for Data in your Azure infrastructure to facilitate cloud-to-cloud, ground-to-cloud, or cloud-to-on-premises tasks.

To purchase IBM DataStage via Azure marketplace please email:

Product Version: 4.6.0
This template deploys IBM Cloud Pak for Data v4.6 on Openshift Container Platform 4.10. It creates Azure services and features, including VNets, Availability Zones, Availability Sets, security groups, Managed Disks, and Azure Load Balancers to build a reliable and scalable cloud platform.
Click here for detailed documentation and deployment information including the architecture diagram.

Requirements for deploying this template:
  • Azure App Service Domain
  • Azure Service Principal with Contributor and User Access Administrator roles.
  • RedHat OpenShift Pull Secret
  • Cloud Pak for Data API Key

Click here to purchase IBM DataStage on Cloud Pak for Data license via Azure Marketplace.
IBM Cloud Pak for Data offers a try-and-buy experience with a 60-day trial. When you buy Cloud Pak for Data you will automatically get OpenShift entitlements to run your workloads but would be responsible for the Azure infrastructure costs.

For more information or customized pricing please email: